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Founded in 2016, Feminist.AI is a community AI research and design group focused on critical making as a response to hegemonic AI. Rather than simply criticize the lack of diversity in AI design and development, we propose an alternative by co-designing intelligent products, experiences and futures from a feminist posthumanist (inclusive) approach. We do this by using AI Art and Design projects to create AI products, experiences and systems. We reference the works of Dr. N. Katherine Hayles, Dr. Dara Blumenthal and Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink (to name a few) with the larger goal of designing for embodiment in AI systems.

Our research areas re-design thinking around healthcare, cities, and smart devices, with a larger focus on culture, ethics and privacy. We approach each project by questioning assumptions embedded in AI/ML design approaches, while co-creating our own approaches to AI/ML design. We believe in creating tools for individuals not exposed to AI thinking, and start with designing AI concepts, not just code, in order to make AI thinking accessible to all.

SYSTEM/S: We identify the system or systems that the intelligence is operating within. Most of our research projects are a critical response to a problematic system (see "Contextual Normalcy"). 

OUR DATA: We start by questioning thinking around information, data and knowledge. This approaches involves things like translating information to data, data cleaning and exploring how data, and the material form of an object can be used to design intelligent projects. 

OUR RULES: We then start to design our rule sets (algorithm). These rules are not only technical, but incorporate thinking around culture and transparency. 

OUR OUTCOME: With our approaches to data, and algorithms, we are able to design for not only specific outputs, but design for a larger outcome, moving beyond thinking about intelligence into the larger systems of knowledge that produce this thinking. 

OUR WORLD BUILDING (FUTURES): Our design projects provide the materials for us to engage in world building in physical and digital environments. Elements of our projects are prototyped digitally in Unity and physically in our cities. 

We use these AI projects to engage in AI education, to reveal insights about human bias, and to co-design our futures. 

Our Feminist.AI research group is part of the non-profit corporation, Mutable Studio.

* The research and workshops for Feminist.AI Projects started in July, 2016. Feminist.AI Projects is a product of Christine Meinders’ 2017 MFA thesis in Media Design Practices at ArtCenter College of Design, and was inspired by the work of Alison Adam, Rebecca Fiebrink, N. Katherine Hayles, Sara Ahmed, and our Feminist.AI community. 

Concept and identity designed by Stephanie Cedeno & Nicci Yin. Image Credit (above) Amanda Jensen & Christine Meinders.