AI + Sound Research

Our programming over the next few months will focus on AI and Sound. Through our community conversations we will discuss opportunities at the intersection of sound and AI in design, privacy, play and social projects. This supports our larger research project "Contextual Normalcy”.

Cultural AI Design

January - February 2019: The Cultural AI Design Tool & Wekinator 


February - March 2019: Wavenet, CommonVoice

March - April 2019: Soundscapes, Earcons and Privacy: Designing Ethical Voice Interfaces 


April - May 2019: Music and Embodied AI Design

May - June 2019: DJ ing with Smart Assistants

June - July 2019: Intelligent Ecosystems: Embodying Sound in AI/XR Anti-Hackathon Event

July - August 2019: Speech Patterns and Mental Health: Predicting Psychosis and Alzheimers 

August - September 2019: White Noise: The Sound of Gentrification

September - October 2019: Sound for Assistive Tech


October - December 2019: Co-create participatory AI Cultural Research Project

Participatory AI

AI Conference


December 2019: Queer, Posthuman, Feminist.AI conference. More info to follow.