A unique design philosophy emerged from feminist AI projects research:

  • Design with and for unheard voices in AI creation.

  • We must be invited to a location to participate.

  • All knowledge systems and skills are equally honored and valued.

  • Acknowledge and own privilege.  

  • We want multiple entry points for involvement, so we can pull from different knowledge systems for our design and development.

  • The AI project/research can be a social response or technical making.

  • We would like to revisit every step of our process with every new project.

  • The physical (hardware, interaction, experience) and the digital are key elements in our AI Design. The material and purpose are just as important as the data and model.

  • We attribute everything (people who have come before us, original parallel research).

  • We encourage our community to move beyond comparing AI to the human brain, and to think about alternative systems to design with AI.

  • We probe the knowledge assumptions in AI systems, and deliberately deconstruct existing approaches to the AI creation (from the data, to the rulesets, to the output).

  • We work to contribute to and community source our own data, to control our own intelligent futures.